Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

Ansys Gateway powered by AWS

Issue with AECs with 2023R1

    • Francis Poussin
      Ansys Employee

      AECs = Ansys Elastic Currency

      If you are using AECs with 2023R1 on Ansys Gateway, you will need to install manually 2023R1 Service Pack 2 on the Virtual Machine.

      This is because there is a problem with how AECs are calculated in 2023R1. This problem is resolved in the Service Pack 2 which will be automatically part of the package installations from May 15th. Until then, the installation of the SP2 has to be done manually.

      Here is an article explaining how to install the Service Pack 2

      If you are not using AECs, you will not be impacted by this issue.



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