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Issue with Climbing Rope Clamp Analysis in Ansys

    • Karol Sołtyk


      I would like to share a new problem I have encountered during the analysis of a climbing rope clamp in Ansys. I've noticed that the load results are significantly higher than expected, and I am still uncertain about the root cause of this issue.

      In my latest simulation, I opted for a symmetric model to expedite calculations. The displacement condition is set at 30 mm, with the ultimate goal of applying a force of 4 kN at the end of the climbing rope. The parameter settings can be found in the attached images. I understand that the symmetric model may differ from the final representation shown in the pictures.

      Additionally, the rope is modeled as an anisotropic material within a single body. During additional simulation attempts, errors have surfaced, as illustrated in the attached images. I applied symmetry to the sides of the housing, acknowledging that this might deviate from the actual setup. The component inside rotates between the housings, compressing the rope simultaneously.

      Could you kindly review the settings of my current symmetric model and advise if any discrepancies are apparent? I recognize that the ultimate model, as shown in the images, is nonsymmetric, but for the sake of efficiency, I am currently focusing on achieving satisfactory results with the symmetric counterpart.

      Any guidance or identification of potential errors in my model would be greatly appreciated. I sense that something may have been overlooked during the calculation settings, particularly regarding mesh errors and stresses surpassing the yield point.


    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator


      Generally, we model ropes using link elements. It looks like you are using solid elements to model the rope.



      Ashish Kumar

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