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Issue with completing fluent block

    • Jason Fernandez

      I am unable to complete a fluid flow (fluent) block. What i am attempting to do is to run a simple flow simulation and then pair it to a steady-state transient heat transfer blocks for simulation of a pre-heating pipe. I have modeled the pipe with the fluid volume within Ansys spaceclaim, also using named selections to designate the inlet, outlet and wall so fluent would default to those selections. I set the pipe as solid and the water as fluid in the mesh section. In setup i set the fluid volume as liquid water and the pipe solid as aluminum. Checked my inlet and outlets were correctly selected and set inlet velocity. I initialized and ran the calculation but the setup still displays as a question mark for incomplete even though the calculation successfully completed. Please let me know what i am missing or if my approach to this for connecting a completed fluent block to heat transfer study blocks is incorrect.

    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


       Is there any message at the bottom right corner of the workbench?

      Thank you.

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