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issues for opening for the workbench 2020 R1

    • mmj979

      hi i have project and i have to use ansys to design a system but i have installed ansys before it's was working fine but now for both version 19.2 and 2020 R1 are not opening the workbench it shows not working so i need some advice to solve that will be great.

      thank you

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      As ANSYS Staff, we can not download attachments. Please insert images using insert image functionality. 

      Can you please let us know the error you are getting. 

      Can you please uninstall 19.2 and 2020R1. Then install only 2020R1 and check. 

      Please post question to appropriate category. Moving this question to installation and licensing category to get better response. 




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