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Issues generating solid body in ACP (Pre)

    • Zizi96

      Hi all 

      I am encountering issues generating a solid body of my model within ACP.

      After I updating the 'Solid-Body' sub heading, ANSYS adds thickness to my model but it also creates the protrusion shown in the attached picture.

      Could anyone tell me what the possible causes of this could be and how I should go about to resolve this. 

      I would also like to know the cause of the 'Upside down elements' and how to resolve it.

      If you need any further information from me please don't hesitate to ask.

      Thank you for your time 


    • peteroznewman

      I haven't used ACP before, but I have experience with complex geometry. Perhaps this issue could be fixed by merging some curves in the edges of the geometry. If you would like to archive your ANSYS model and upload the .wbpz file, I and possibly others can download it to take a closer look. The file size limit is 120 MB so clear the mesh if you are over the limit.

    • Zizi96

      I resolved the issue by not converting the model into a solid body and leaving it as a shell. ACP allows you the export just the shell geometry,  ACP adds the material properties of each of the composite plies onto the shell geometry making the shell body behave like a solid body.


      This method seems to have worked without issue but that you for your time and suggestion.

    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      I got following response internally -  


      The solid model is interesting for studying the full 3D stress state particularly when off plane stresses become significant. It can also be handy for solid body assemblies as shell-solid contacts are often insufficient for analysing contact areas.   Your curved regions elements are too small in relation to their thickness. In small radius extruded elements invert when they are extruded in the normal direction.   You need to learn more about:   

      1) understanding the difference between shell and solid model  

      2) figuring out when a solid model is necessary?  

      3) making the mesh and geometry suitable for a solid model. If you cannot build the part in one shot you will struggle to make a solid model of it. You can refer to the guide on the solid model in the ACP help

    • gazia

      Hey may I ask something ? when I want to move to acp the model won't finish it says "The mesh does not contain any shell elements. This may be because the model is not compatible with Section Data providers." please really need this thing to finish


    • kishanv


    • kishanv

      sir could u help me with this please

      the mesh does not contain any shell elements. This may be because the model is not compatible with Section Data providers.

      can anyone help me with this? iam doing composite analysis of leaf spring in ACP. please give ur mail id i will send u the file. mail me vkishan96@gmail.com 

    • naeem

      I didn't understand it correctly. can you help me with this. Sorry i'm just a noob to ansys.

      Thanks alot.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Guys, please open a new thread to get quick attention if your query is not resolved by an already solve thread, with detailed questions and if required inline images.


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    • Eashwar Raaj


      when this Upside down elements Error Come then How can we rectify?, so that  we use Solid model , Vishal Ganore sir or anybody else plz help me with this doubt #ACPmodelling #ACPerror #upsidedownelements #compositeanalysis 


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