Issues in setting up the melting/solidification model in Ansys Fluent

    • nithin.kayarthaya


      I am trying to simulate the flight of a molten metal  droplet through a gas environment. After the flight, the droplet hits a solid metal surface, spreads on it and solidifies. I want to study the shape of the droplet after solidification 


      The changes in droplet shape are captured using the VOF model and for simulating solidification, Melting/Solidification model is used. The following steps were performed to set up the Melting/Solidification Model.

      1. Switch on the Melting/Solidification option in Ansys Fluent
      2. Add the additional material properties required
        1. For the droplet: Solidus Temperature = 1356K, Liquidus temperature = 1356K, pure solvent heat = 206000 J/kg
        2. For the gas environment: Solidus Temperature= 0 K , Liquidus temperature=0K, pure solvent heat = 0 J/kg
      3.  During initialization, the droplet region was patched with an initial temperature of 2800K 


      While checking the Liquid fraction contour plots after initializing, the following issues were encountered.

      1. The liquid fraction in the gas environment is 1, which should not be the case
      2. Wherever the temperature exceeds 1356K (Liquidus of molten metal) in the domain, the Liquid Fraction of molten metal becomes 1. 

      It would be really helpful if you could guide me on this issue.

      Figure 1  : Domain

      Figure  2: Volume fraction of molten copper