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Issues Simulating Tank Rotation with a Rib

    • TingWangUNO


      I am currently trying to simulate the rotation of a cylindrical tank with a rib placed inside to disturb the flow. The figure below gives a simple representation of the domain.

      I'm starting with a 2D simplification of the problem, to iron out issues with the model. The tank has two fluids inside: water and air. The Eulerian multiphase model is used to simulate the interaction between the two fluids. The simulation is transient.

      I've tried applying a sliding mesh to the domain, applying a rotation to the outer zone of the domain to move the rib through the fluid. All of the fluid in the rotating zone begins to move from the outset of the simulation, rather than being 'dragged' over time due to the no slip condition at the wall.

      My question is if there is a way to mitigate this circumstance, and if not, would a dynamic mesh or other mesh movement option serve my purposes better. 

      Thank you.     

    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, I think sliding mesh/mesh motion is right for your application. Make sure you initialize the flow correctly, with standard initialization, using absolute frame as reference.

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