Issues when Generating a Volume Mesh

    • ibak91

      Hey all! I am relatively new to ANSYS Fluent, and I have been struggling with generating a volume mesh using polyhexcore aswell as tetra just to see if the issue was with polyhexcore as you can see from the second image it seems to cut the entire domain in half and leave chunks? I am using the Watertight geometry workflow and following a tutorial that is relatively close to what I am trying to achieve:

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      I am not too sure what the issue is, and I do not know what to Google to fix it, are there any tips or ideas to resolve this?

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Hello The second image is nothing but the auxiliary clipping plane which is checked. This will help you see the C/S of the geometry and the chunks are nothing but Poly cells. Just turn off the auxiliary clipping plane.
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