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LS Dyna

Issues with the expansion of my model

    • Adrian Herranz Mollejo

      Hello everyone! im modelling a gelatin ballistic on LS DYNA as a material 10 with an EOS polynomical for my final grade task. My issue comes at the time i run it, the gelatin starts to expand more and more to the infinite due to an steel impact. It cannot happen, what do you think i am doing wrong with it?

    • Andreas Koutras
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, I suggest you try with a low TSSFAC value, such TSSFAC=0.5 or lower, on CONTROL_TIMESTEP in case this behavior is due to an instability. Also make sure the coefficients in the *EOS_001 card are in the correct pressure units. The initial relative volume V0 is usually set to 1.0 or to 0.0, which defaults to 1.0. 

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