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Issues with Zemax Part Designer and Boolean calculation in the NSC Mode

    • Antoine PIELOT

      Dear Madam or Sir,

      As a student, I recently changed the version of my software and my Zemax license, both are premium version.

      I have a problem with the last version of the software in the non-sequential mode.
      Previously, I used the 2021 version, I designed a prism using the Zemax Part Designer and Ray tracing worked.

      However, since I'm on the last version of the software, all the objects from the Part Designer are not taken into account for the ray tracing.

      Then, I tried to create my prism with boolean native objects and I got a new problem. I created several annular volumes and when I substracted two of them, only the edges stayed. At the end, My "boolean volume" is just a ring.

      What should I do ? Is it a problem of software installation or a reccurent problem with the last version of OpticsStudio ?

      Thank you for your help.

    • Flurin Herren
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Antoine,

      Thanks for positing here in the forum.

      The Part Designers Objects should still work on the newest release as we haven`t change anything regarding the ZPO handling of the ray trace algorithm. 

      • (1) Are you sure the objects are consider by the Ray Trace?
      • (2) Does the ZPO influencing the rays at all?

      Ideally, if you could share the file with us. This makes support of specific problems like that usually a lot easier,
      Regarding the Boolean object, here I can see two root-causes of this behavior. (1) Are the parent objects set in the right position? As you probably know, when using a Boolean Operation Object, it is important that the parent objects are position correct realtive to eachother. (2) If you navigate to the OpticStudio Preferences in the Setup Tab (Formerly Project Preferences) -> General -> Is the "Use Parasolid Lirbary" ticked or unticked. And does it change anything if you change the state of this checkbox.
      Again, if you can share your file, this would help on our side to investigate the problem,

      Speak to you soon,

    • Antoine PIELOT


      When I unticked the "Use Parasolid Library" in the General Settings, the Zemax Part Designer Objects are considered for ray tracing again. 

      Thank you for your answer,



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