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Iteration averaged Contour possible in steady state?

    • Zarc

      Hi Guys,

      I have a question which refers to a steady state flow simulation in Ansys CFX. Is it possible to average contour or any other visualisation option over a certain number of iterations?

      thank you for your help!

    • raul.raghav

      Yes, if you have created a backup file every, say "n" iterations. Then you can create an "iteration" (pseudo-time) averaged variable using a session file in CFD-Post. Read a little bit about session files and you'll be able to create a session script for doing this averaging easily. Let us know if you need help creating the session file.

    • Yasser Alzahrani

      Hi raul,

      I am running a simulation in Ansys fluent and I need to get an iteration averaged velocity contours. Could you please guide me through the steps for saving a backup file for every iteration and then creating the session file for obtaining the iteration averaged contours?

      Thanks in advance,


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