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Java for education

    • ANSYSDenis

      Hi - I would like to know how people have address or are addressing using Java after Oracle's change in licensing. One place I noticed Java mentioned is in a document about "Starting the ANSYS License Management Center". There  is an "Important Notes" that says "The current version of Java utlilized by the ANSYS Kicense Manager Center is 1.8.0_362.

      Is there anything definite on continuing using Java in education free of charge?

      Has anyone moved to OpenJava? If so, is it a direct replacement for what we currently have in Java?


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi ANSYSDenis,

      Sorry for the delay. I had to check the info.

      Here is what I received

      "ANSYS plans to upgrade to OpenJDK which is an open source implementation of the Java SE platform."



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