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Job Error, Possibly Related to Licensing Error

    • Kaylx Jang


      We have a job and license error shown below.  Do you know the issue?

      We have a license server in our lab.  Lumerical FDTD from 2022+ runs fine for ~8 people both across our campus network and when using VPN off campus.  So a few days ago, some (but not all) users from another group that shares our license server starting receiving the errors shown below. 

      Could this be related to the older 2021 version being used here?  Also, what is the error code for an outdated version being used?  I remember it being non-obvious last time I ran into that.

      Can you help interpret the "command error 1717"?

      What does "Detected ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE environmental variable, but License.ini is used for you license settings" mean?


    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee


      @Kaylx Jang,

      The ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable is set on your computer/user account. But you are using the Lumerical License Configuration to set the license server information not the variable.

      Based on your screenshot – this is not a license error. You are able to open and run the Lumerical CAD/GUI. If it were a license issue you will not be able to open the CAD/GUI. The issue only happens when you run the simulation – could be your MPI installation or configuration. 

      Reboot the computer and try to run the simulation using “Local Computer” as the Job Launching Preset
      Or  uninstall/re-install Microsoft and Intel MPI. Reboot the machine after uninstalling the MPIs.

      Remove/Reset the Lumerical preference.ini files.

      Otherwise, should the issue persists, reboot the machine and do a clean installation using the latest version of Lumerical, 2023 R1.2.


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