JxS=I verification in lumerical charge

    • Mariah Ha


      I am simulating a photodiode in 3D in Charge. The vertical axis is z. I am trying to verify the equation relating current density and current in Lumerical charge JxS=I. To do so, I am taking the matrix Jz ( current density in the z direction perpendicular to the anode) and taking only the slice that is located exactly under the anode. I multiply that slice of current density by the anode surface to get the total current. However, the calculated total current I does not match the total current I am getting from the anode from simulation (one is e-13 and the other e-18).

      I made sure to convert the surface from microns sq to cm sq because J is in A/cm2.

      Am I applying the theoretical formula wrong? 

      Any help is appreciated.





    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Your result might be reasonable to be different from simulation, as the formula you used is for uniform current density. However usually it is not. You will need to integrate it.

      You will need to interpolate the triangle mesh into rectilinear mesh.

      I would suggest that you do not do this, as the current monitor gives you accurate result than you do it manually. Do you suspect the simulation result ? 


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