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3D Design

Keep getting solver pivot warnings but not sure why as I have made connections for everything

    • keepleft99

      Hello, I have made a composite swingarm in Ansys and trying to do some FEA on it. When I apply my fixed support and force but when I do I receive this warning

      "Solver pivot warnings or errors have been encountered during the solution. This is usually a result of an ill conditioned matrix possibly due to unreasonable material properties, an under constrained model, or contact related issues. Check results carefully."

      Can anyone help? I'm not sure where I have gone wrong and why it is will not solve. I have made bonds between the mechanical model and the composite model. I tried to do bonds for all of the composite faces to them too but that didnt fix the problem.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Do you see any node number associated with this warning/ error? Generally, it is highlighted that which DOF for a particular node is unconstrained. Do you have a gap in any of the contact pair (contact is open)?

      If you attach snapshots of your setup and solver output then it might be easier to comment more.

      Regards Ashish Khemka
    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee
      Try setting all materials to Structural Steel and see if it solves, and/or try a Modal analysis and see if the parts are staying connected.

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