KLayout INTERCONNECT CML connectivity issue


    • rakesh_krishna
      I am trying to launch the Lumerical interconnect simulation of a layout in lumerical. For this I followed the intructions listed on (
      First I installed the CML models in "Design kits" section of the "Element library" in Lumerical.
      The final step "Part 4" on the github page suggests testing the simulation connectivity between the lumerical interconnect and KLayout by opening up a layout ("Double-bus ring resonator sweep") and following the SiEPIC-> Simulation, circuits->Circuit simulation: Lumerical Interconnect
      When I follow this step, first thing I get is the error
      After pressing cancel, a new message box pops up "Cannot find Lumerical" . Am I missing something here related to API (Lumerical Python API feature)? Where I check if it is present or procure it?

    • Guanhui Wang
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Rakesh,

      Thank you for the post. We actually developed Lumerical tools KLayout integration based on the SEIPIC tools:, and you may want to check out this workflow as well. For your workflow, the problem seems to be in the license. Which OS are you using and where you install Lumerical tools to?


    • rakesh_krishna

      Hi Guanhui,

      I am using windows system. The Lumerical is installed in our university host machine. I think they have a flexnet type system.

      I think I am missing something related to the first highlighted step in Part 3



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