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KLayout INTERCONNECT interoperability

    • bicky

      I am struggling to properly interface between gdsfactory, klayout and interconnect.Currently, I am able to generate a layout in klayout based on gdsfactory scripts. I can also confirm that I can launch and run a circuit simulation in Interconnect from KLayout when following this tutorial:

      In my circuit, I’d like to use gdsfactory and the siepic/ubcpdk components. I expected that I should be able to define a circuit in gdsfactory, look over the layout in klayout, and then export it to Interconnect to run circuit simulations. However, that doesn’t seem to work. When I try that, Interconnect throws some errors such as “Error loading netlist: the element ‘straight_c2dabf47’ is not available in the library.” “Straight” is the name of the straight waveguide component, as described here:

      I think the reason that this error doesn’t come up when following the tutorial is because it uses the Lumfoundry PDK. Each component in this PDK (waveguides, couplers etc) has a PCell and an associated Lumerical compact model.

      Alternatively, we’ve figured that hand-drawn paths in Klayout can be converted to working waveguide objects in Interconnect using the “SiEPIC > Waveguides > Path to Waveguides” menu item.

      But I haven’t been able to use any ordinary routing/waveguide components in Interconnect. There just doesn’t seem to be a compact model for those components. How do we get these to work to complete the workflow?

    • Khashayar Ghaffari
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Bicky,

      Thank you for reaching out. Indeed the error you mention indicates that the compact model is missing from the elements library. If availble, the compact model library would be installed according to this article:

      Not sure what the workaround would be here. I will further consult with my colleagues and get back to you here.

      Best regards


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