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General Mechanical

Known final deformation analysis

    • Sergejs Afanasjevs

      Hi there,

      I have a part which was subjected to deformation.
      I know the original part dimensions and what it turned into. I have drawn both and am currious if there is a way to analyse why part deformed in such a way.

      Is this feasible?

      Part itself was subjected to quasi hydrostatic conditions resulting in anisotropic deformation. 

      Any suggestions please let me know.

      Best regards,

    • peteroznewman

      Take the original part dimensions and material properties to perform a Static Structural analysis where you apply the hydrostatic load to get a solution with the simulated deformed shape. Export that shape as an STL file and overlay that on the measured deformation of the physical part that was subjected to the real load. See how much those two shapes differ.

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