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Kontakte und Verbindungen / contacts and connections (Rigid dynamics)

    • Svenja Steinbach

      Ich habe in Inventor eine Konstruktion erstellt und diese in Ansys geöffnet. (Mehrkörperdynamik)

      Nun werden mir 36 "Kontaktbereiche" angezeigt.

      Macht es Sinn diese zu löschen und stattdessen die entsprechenden Verbindungen zu erstellen?

      (Manche Teile müssen starr miteinander verbunden werden, andere sind beweglich.

      Oder können Kontaktbereiche und Verbindungen unabhängig voneinander bestehen?

      Was sind Kontaktbereiche? Sind die Bauteile an dieser stelle aneinander fixiert?


      Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe!



      I created a design in Inventor and opened it in Ansys. (Rigid dynamics)
      Now I see 36 “contact areas”.
      Does it make sense to delete these and create the corresponding connections instead?
      (Some parts have to be rigidly connected to each other, others are movable.
      Or can contact areas and connections exist independently of each other?
      What are contact areas? Are the components fixed to each other at this point?
      Many thanks for your help!
    • HuiLiu
      Ansys Employee


      In Mechanical, if automatic contact detection is on (by default it is on), bonded contacts will be generated between parts that are touching. You can change this default setting if you don't want automatic contact detection from Tools > Options as shown below.

      If you need parts to be connected rigidly, bonded contact is correct. For other parts where relative movement exist, you can delete the bonded contact and define the correct one, eg. frictional, frictionless, joints etc.. 



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