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L-PBF Process

    • El Mnif Sirine

      I am currently using L-PBF Process add-ons for additive manufacturing and I have encountered an issue for which I would need your assistance.

      The problem I am facing involves a specific error message that I am receiving while using the software. The error message is as follows: "Tref(1350) is outside of the temperature range defined by the MPTEMP data used for CTEX of material 2". I understand that this indicates that the reference temperature I have used is outside the temperature range defined for material 2 in the MPTEMP data.
      I would like to know how to resolve this error and ensure that the reference temperature I am using is compatible with the thermomechanical data of the material. Are there any adjustments to be made in the MPTEMP data, or is there another solution to resolve this issue?
    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator



      Can you extend the range of input material temperature data?



      Ashish Khemka

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