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Large Deflections in numerical simulations

    • guillermo.parraguez

      Hello everyone:

      I want to ask you what are the considerations taken into account in numerical simulations when the "Large Deflections" option is set in "On". I'm modeling a steel moment connection and when I compare the hysteresis curves without and with "large deflections", I observe that there's small diferences between the maximum capacity of the connection but I'm not sure if I can continue my research keeping the "Large Deflection" in "Off" because I don't know what considerations this option adds to the numerical model.

      Thank you for your help!

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Guillermo,

        Looks like you do have material non-linearities and it is always recommended to have Large deflection ON in these cases. How much of a deformation are you seeing in your model? Maybe it isn't large enough for you to see a difference? Check out the following resources that talk about this in detail:

      Resource 1

      Resource 2




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