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Large difference between simulation results using different excitation methods

    • stellaaaavan



      I am using HFSS to simulation the magnetic field generated around an inductor. I used several methods to excite an inductor, but I got quite different results.

      1. Current excitation. I used the current excitation by defining an integration line( in the horizontal rectangle on the 3rd figure) between the two ports of the inductor. When ploting the magnetic field, I defined the current to be 1A. The magnetic field generated at certain position is around 18kA/m.

      2. Voltage excitation. I used lumped port to excite the inductor. In 3rd figure, the middle horizontal rectangle is assigned to be a lumped port. To compare the results between current excitation and voltage excitation, I calculated the voltage across the inductor when current is 1A. V=j*w*L*I. When plotting the magnetic field, I editted the source voltage to be the calculated value V. However, the magnetic field I got is only 2kA/m.

      Based on some other verification method, I know that the value got from current excitation is correct. I wonder how could I set the excitation correctly to get the appropriate value from the voltage excitation method (lumped port), as this method is more convenient for our application.


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