Large grid array of metal sphere — how can I reduce the size of the mesh

    • rounaksingh


      I am trying to simulate an antenna near large grid array of metal sphere (total sphere =5000, diameter is very small than wavelength). But the default setting of HFSS is generating millions of tets. I am thinking to make boundaries of PE for the sphere, also I would like HFSS not to mesh the sphere.

      Is there a way to reduce the mesh size?

      What can be other ways to simulate such a structure?

      Should I try in Savant?

      Please help.

      Thank you.



    • slouie
      Ansys Employee

      Hi rounaksingh,

      If the structures are much smaller than wavelength, can you replace all the tiny spheres with a 2D sheet that spans the same area to approximate the same effect while modeling a much reduced scenario in terms of geometrical complexity? 

      HFSS does not mesh inside perfect electric conductors, so you already won't have mesh inside the spheres simply by defining PE boundary or material properties. 

      Savant should only be used for electrically large scenario modeling.


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