Laser source in Heat Solver

    • talimu


      1) In your example "Thermally tuned waveguide (FDE)" in Heat Solver , you use input power from 20 to 30mW applied on a

      wire is placed 2um above the waveguide and acts as the heat source used to thermally tuned the waveguide and achieve

      the desired phase shift.

      2) Do you have a similar example with Laser pulse as a heat source used to thermally tuned the waveguide? My main purpose is

      to check the heating time (to a max) and cooling time of my waveguide system when it is subjected to Laser pulse.

      Can it be simulated with Heat Solver?

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    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      HEAT solver is independent from Optics, which is different from HEAT-CHARGE coupled simulation.
      HEAT can have a shutter to begin and end light illumination, but not by a laser pulse, which will need you to get results of the optical absorption vs time. We do not have similar example so you will need to develop your own method, which can be challenge as laser pulse is quite long and the 3D time monitor will take a lot of memory. It is doable to get the absorption with time variable, and then export the absorption in HEAT. But how to synchronize the time in the two solvers is a question.
      The other way is to do a steady-state optical simulation and in HEAT you sweep the absorption power in a laser pulse manner, eg, the power is gradually increase, reach the top, and then decrease. This might be more practical.
      We encourage our customers developing their own simulation methodology. However the forum is mainly for existing examples and how to use the software. Therefore the technical support is limited here.
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