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    • Hila Shalom
      When I limit the source wavelength to a specific range (with a width of 100 nm), what should be the ratio between the source wavelength and the mesh size and with the PML?
      I'm trying to simulate the ability of a material to be a laser.
      What is a better monitor for this purpose ? DFTMonitor plane at the end of the nanotube or lowQanalusis analysis group?


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      are you simulating laser or cold cavity for lasing?

      the mesh size should be choosen by the min wavelength inside the material. You can sepecify the wavelength range in FDTD advanced:


      There are different monitors for you, depending on your desired results.

      Monitors - Introduction and Common Settings - Common Settings and Tips

      Q analysis depends on the cavity Q.


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