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    • xhassanv

      I realised that ANSYS Learning Hub might be useful for me to learn better and improve my ANSYS skills, However unfortunately the subscription for it is around 2300 USD and i can't afford it. is it possible to purchase only some parts of it related to me at a lower price? in other words, is there a possibility to purchase it partially with limited access to some learning parts?

      thank you in advanced

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      No, but there is a discount for registered academics. If you email from your University email address someone should get back to you. Whilst I teach (and have recorded) via the ALH I, and the Community team, don't deal with the registration side of the site.
      I assume you've already done the free Courses at the top of the page and Tutorials in the Help system?
    • jackzhf

      If you are enrolled in a university or college, your institution may have access to the software and it is the best effective to learn how to use a software by using it.

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