Lee model – evaporation condensation

    • sivaraman-s


      I would like to study the evaporation-condensation in a tank containing liquid & vapor. However, in this case I do not want constant saturation temperature in Lee model, as the pressure in tank decreases the saturation temperature should also decrease. Is there any option for me to directly implement this in ANSYS FLUENT 2020R2 or should I write a UDF?

      While on the topic of UDF, this is not a very difficult variation so I tried to hook up the UDF to determine temperature from pressure, however, I keep getting the same error "The computed saturation temperature <=0.0". What I do not understand here is that my operating pressure is 101325 Pa and my static pressure is also non-zero. So where does this value of saturation temperature is computed from

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      You might want to update to 2022R1, there are several options. Depending on what data you have you can choose the best option.

      Not sure about the temperature warning. Remember that all UDFs work in SI units so temperatures of 0 K will cause problems.

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