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    • amnonjw
      Hello, and congratulations on the new learning forum.
      I think there are several issues regarding migration from the previous forum to the new one:
      • When a simulation diverges the IDE gives notice about this and shows a link to a page with further information: This page is no longer available and we're re-directed to Ansys Optics page.
      • When the Lumerical IDE shows a notice of a new version to download, the link to the information of release notes is broken. The screen capture below shows the page we're directed to.
      • I can't find any of my older posts in the new learning forum, for example "Simulating Photonic Crystal waveguide". Is the process of migrating the information in previous discussions still on-going?
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      The forum is not working properly for some posts. Sorry for the inconvenience. here is the link

      All the legacy posts  are moving slowly to here.


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