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    • michaelvanhorn

      I do not think this question is answerable by anyone here, but the Ansys support policy now requires that I ask it here:


      I have users who are trying to use Simplorer/Twin Builder. They use the software for a while, but when they try to use some function or another, they get a license error (even though they already have licenses checked out, and have been running other parts of the software):


      Failed to check out license 'simplorer_twin_models'.

      License server does not support this license (FLEXlm Error -18)


      I've also seen failures to get licenses for hfss_desktop, designer_desktop, q3d_desktop, maxwell_desktop, and simplorer_desktop in the license server log. I've checked the license file, and I don't see those listed in the file, but they may be part of aa_r, so I wasn't sure. Should we be able to use this software?



    • LeoEM

      I'm not sure if this will fix your error, but I've seen the same license error issue happen in installs of ANSYS HFSS/EDT,. The software has been used for a while, and then you get a license error. 


      The solution I had found was that IT had switched licenses, so we were using a new license file but HFSS was expecting a legacy license file. When HFSS was trying to read the current license, it was looking for the old license format and threw the same "License server does not support this license (FLEXlm Error -18)".


      I'm not sure where the license options are in Simplorer/Twin Builder, but for HFSS you can fix the license error by following:

      Tools -> options -> HPC and Analysis Options -> Options -> Design Type : Select HFSS -> HPC Licensing set "Use Legacy Electronics HPC License" to False.


      There may be an equivalent option in  Simplorer/Twin Builder to change the license format. 




    • mbeliaev
      Ansys Employee

      That error means that no license is available. Have you checked solution?


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