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    • jagoda


      I am writing with regard to ANSYS License. I use ANSYS Free Student Software (18.2) and my license is running out. I've read that it is renewable and I would like to ask how I should extend its duration. It concerns me a lot because I have many files which I need to preserve to finish my studies and I am worried that I will lost them all when my license will end. I would be very glad if you would help me.
      Kind Regards,
    • peteroznewman

      Hello Jagoda,

      If you downloaded 18.2 package previously, it will expire on Aug. 31, 2018. An updated 18.2 package with an expiry date of August 31, 2019 is now available on the download page. You will need to uninstall 18.2 and reinstall it using the updated package to keep running this version.

      To download the updated package, click on the DOWNLOAD FREE SOFTWARE > in blue at the top of this page.

      Select ANSYS Student  (not AIM)

      You will see that is it showing 19.1 but look toward the bottom and you will see    

       > Prior Releases 

      That is where you will find the download to 18.2 with a new expiration date.



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