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license problem

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    • federica

      Hello, everyone,


      I downloaded ANSYS Student and whenever I try to run a simulation I get an error message saying "solve --> *** ERROR - ANSYS license not available".

      When I want to check my license in Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility I get the following message: 

      ***** LICENSE STATUS: C:Program FilesANSYS IncANSYS StudentShared FilesLicensingstudent.lic *****



      lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2015 Flexera Software LLC. All Rights Reserved.

      Flexible License Manager status on Tue 6/30/2020 11:59


      [Detecting lmgrd processes...]

      Error getting status: No SERVER lines in license file. (-13,66)  


      Can I get some help here?


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee
      Open up CMD Prompt and enter the following commandsn%awp_root202%\..\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64\ansysli_util -checkout ANS_SOLVERn%awp_root202%\..\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64\ansysli_util -checkout aa_t_inPost their outputs here.nThen, enter the following commandnsetnand post the output here as welln
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