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License Problem in mechanical APDL product luncher

    • oldbrothermin

      I used Geo-material which is not supported in workbench (model-111 johnson-holmquist concrete)

      Thus, this is my way to use LS-dyna


      1. make geometry In Mechanical APDL

      2. modeling & solving in workbench (k file making)

      3. open k file in Pre-post

      4. Input material in Pre-post

      5. save new k file

      6. solve in Mechanical APDL product luncher <== problem step

      7. check the result in Pre-Post


      I did modeling in workbench and solve the file (license worked)

      However, When I solve modified K file in APDL Product launcher It show error as figure

      Do you know what is problem in here?

      I need help....

    • Karthik R
      Hello,nThank you for sharing this issue with us. We will be answering this question soon.nThank you for your patience.nKarthikn
    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee
      You may have a Windows environment variable LSTC_LICENSE set to network. nTry changing (or creating a new one if doesn't exist) it tonLSTC_LICENSE=ANSYSn
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