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License Server Error

    • dr23

      We have a campus-wide research license.  The license used to work across campus.  However, now it only works at one location and not the other.  At the location where it doesn't work, we get the following error:

      Is there a way that we can find out who is in charge of this account so that we can get this server eeror fixed?

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi dr23 ,

      If the other machine can connect to the server, it's very likely the server is up and running fine and the issue is with the communication between this machine and the server.

      You can test the communication between machine by using 'telnet' command.

      Open CMD prompt on this machine that has the issue, then issue

      telnet 2325

      If it connects, it would lead you to a blank screen. If it doesn't, it will show the error message that you have issue communicating with that server via port 2325 (which is the only required port for ANSYS licensing). Please ask your IT to help opening this port between the two machines.

      Note that your machine may not have telnet feature turned on. You can turn it on by typing Windows features in "Search Windows" tool box , then look for "Turns Windows features on or off" and launch this. Then, scroll down to the bottom and check "Telnet Client" > OK



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