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License Server Port Keeps Changing

    • hz1

      Dear Support Team,

      When connecting to our license server, it seems Lumerical FDTD uses two ports: The default 1055 (which is fixed) and another 5-digit one (which changes from time to time).

      The problem is that our firewall is blocking these port, thus we cannot access the license. Therefore, we need to put these ports into the firewall exception list.

      But since the 5-digit port keeps changing, it is a bit frustrating to update the firewall exception list everytime we need access to the license.

      Is there a way to keep the 5-digit port fixes (like the port 1055)?


    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee


      Please see this guide in the Lumerical KB on how to configure your license with static ports. Answers to common installation and licensing issues can be found here.  Hope this helps. 

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