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License Server Problems of our customer Leoni

    • wolfgang.geist
      Hi our customer Leoni has problems with the administration of their named user license- Customer ID SC70765. The user Mr. Hodon and his admin Mr. Ivan Gergel reporting following problems:
      "So Leoni blocks the connection to certain webpages mostly for security reasons and the webpages that SpaceClaim tries to contact seem to be the case. It seems that the number one obvious webpage  is not the one causing the issues because I can access it from the browser without any issue and refresh the license so there seems to be something more going on in the background that SpaceClaim tries to do. In the past, I was able to hack it by using the proxy server for LAN in Internet Explorer settings. In other words, I used the “side Internet” just for that period of time needed for my SpaceClaim to check whether the License was refreshed. But this security gap has been patched, we cannot use this proxy servers and we don’t even use Internet Explorer any more. I see it that way, that we would need the list of all addresses and ports that SpaceClaim tries to contact in order to check whether the license was refreshed and we need to know what all has to be allowed in order to do it successfully."
      Leoni is a quite difficult account so any updating and renewals take a lot of time due to the political decision processes behind. An renewal of TECS which expired 3/6/2022 may be possible but not in an overnight process. Maybe a new version would solve the problem but we cannot handle it just in realtime. Leoni internal IT-processes are not transparent to us in addition.
      Thank you for your help.
      Wolfgang Geist
      ConWeb GmbH and reseller for Leoni.
    • anpandey
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ghost1246 ,

      The list of sites the customer need to allow is mentioned in the troubleshooting page Discovery License Activation Troubleshooting - Knowledge Base - Ansys Discovery Forum (Point 5). They can just allow access to only those sites.

      Also,  the subscription license refreshes every 30 days so they will need an active internet connection once every 30 days for the licenses entitlements to refresh.


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