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License update of ANSYS Chemkin

    • Jose Matteo

      Dear technical support team,

      I hope this email finds you well.

      I am writing to you as a user of ANSYS, specifically ANSYS Chemkin, and I am encountering an issue while trying to update the license on our server. Whenever I attempt to launch Chemkin, I am greeted with an error message, of which a screenshot is provided below. Our admin assistant has already renewed the license, but unfortunately, the issue persists. I am reaching out to seek your assistance in resolving this problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for your attention and support!

    • VJ
      Ansys Employee

      What version of Chemkin are you using? 

      can you cd into ..ANSYS Inc/Shared Files/licensing/linx64

      run lmutil lmstat

      Check if there is a 'rd_ckui' increment (legacy). If not, you should have cfd_solver_level3 and cfd_preppost increments (newer). If the second case is true, it is supported for Chemkin 2021R2 and newer only. 

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