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Licensing Ansys student

    • johanbjoerk


      I am doing a project at my university (Luleå university of technology). The computers we have is to slow to do any simulations so my professor has recommended us to try simulate from home using ansys Student.


      The problem is that when we use ansys from home, we are limitet to 50 elemets in the geometry but our geometry consists of several millions. I asked my professor about this and he said that we can use a vpn to connect to school, and in the "ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility" under the Specify the license server machine option, we can fill in my university license to be able to simulate big problems from home. 

      The problem is that i cannot fill in any license, and the button to press for adding a new license is gray, so it is unclickable. What should i do?


      Regard Johan

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