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Licensing error when trying to connect through PyAnsys (MAPDL)

    • Sam011988

      Hi folks

      I'm trying to invoke MAPDL from a python environment and getting error "licensed number of users has already been reached" 

      I actually followed advice from this thread with same problem License error, licensed number of users already reached (

      I shut down the ANSYS licensing in the windows task manager, and it did indeed work, but then Workbench itself becomes read only because it can't verify the license because you've now shut down the licensing manager. 

      Just wondering what the proper solution is to this?

      Many thanks! 

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      Are you using the free student version or do you have the License Manager installed on the machine with a valid license?
      What is your Workflow when opening PyAnsys(MAPDL)?
      Can you post a screenshot of the error? What License is it erroring-out on?
      When you look in %TEMP%\.ansys, you will see .out files.
      These contain licensing debug information.
      Check the debug for the the process you are running to see what errors it states. Please post that here.

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