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Licensing Issue with CFD-Post

    • Vassili BRIODEAU

      Hello everyone,

      I have already been using ANSYS 18.2 Student Workbench some times, especially with Fluent. It seems to work well, however, the CFD Post module has licensing problems. It comes with the following window

      It is so: if I click on "request license", the window comes again. If I click on "close", it closes the programme. The cross closes the programme.

      I already applied Peter Newman's advice and uninstalled the programm and used regedit to delet:


      • HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareANSYS, Inc.


      This has been helpful to solve another problem (I could not active Multiphase VOF), still the issue of licensing remains.

      I installed only ANSYS 18.2 and 19.0, so I should not have problems with the license manager (I saw some topics about it).

      Suprisingly, it worked two times, the error window did not come and I could use CFD Post normally. I don't remember the first time; the second time was after unsintalling and re-installing ANSYS. However, running the second model, the error message came again. I uninstalled and re-installed again and still could not use CFD Post (even by the first trial).

      Where does it come from?


    • peteroznewman

      You have a single license. It is supposed to be shared among multiple applications, such as SpaceClaim, Meshing, Fluent, CFD-Post, but I have found the license sometimes doesn't get shared. My workaround is to close each application before I open another one. So for example, close Fluent before you open CFD Post. I close SpaceClaim before I open Mechanical.  Keep in mind that Workbench is the "mother" application that all other ones send data to for saving the project, so you won't lose any information when you close those child applications.

    • Vassili BRIODEAU


      It is exactly that. I had no licensing issue with the other applications, I would not have come to the idea.

      Thanks a lot!

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