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Licensing issues with Lumerical FDTD

    • Megan Knobeloch

      We have begun getting a license error message when we attempt to run the Lumerical FDTD software (I have attached a screenshot of the message). For context, we have been using two separate licenses - one FDTD license that we purchased a while ago and I have been using without problem for many months now, and the other I believe was a free trial of the FDTD software that another student in our group was using. The free trial recently ended, so we have purchased a second FDTD license. This error seemed to begin happening when the free trial ended (even though I should still be using the original license that we had before), but it may have just been a coincidence. I have been having issues getting my Ansys Lumerical account to work (it keeps failing the screening process) and I have reached out to have it re-screened multiple times without luck so far, so I can't email Lumerical support about this. Any help on all or any of these problems would be greatly appreciated so that we can get back to running our FDTD simulations!

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee


      Please try the following: 

      1. Close all running Lumerical applications including the Ansys Optics Launcher. 
      2. Remove the Lumerical preference.ini files from your computer, including the License.ini file. 
            > Ansys Lumerical product preference files – Ansys Optics 
      3. Open the Optics Launcher. 
      4. When prompted, select, "I have a license from Ansys", then "I want to configure my license only for Lumerical products", then "Go to licensing setup"
      5. Re-type/Re-Enter localhost, then Apply and Restart the Launcher when prompted. 
      6. Open FDTD from the launcher or directly from terminal
            /opt/lumerical/v232/fdtd-solutions &
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