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Licensing – Request name does not exist in the licensing pool


    • rachael.auch


      We recently updated our LM and also our licenses to 2023 R1. We now get this error when attempting to launch a 2023 R1 program, CFD for instance:

      Connected License Server List:

      ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Request name cfd_solve_level2 does not exist in the licensing pool.

      FLEXlm server is not responding. Resource temporarily not available.

      When I look at the license file the license manager is using, cfd_solve_level2 is there. Not sure why it is not seeing this? Previous versions of Ansys are still working (i.e. 2019). Any guidance is appreciated.

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee

      Please make sure the port for the ansyslmd daemon is open on the license server firewall.  Starting with 2021R1 the applications must communicate through ansyslmd and lmgrd, where past releases used lmgrd and the ansysli_server process on 2325.


      You can set ansyslmd to a static port by adding it in the license file on the VENDOR line.


      For example:

      VENDOR ansyslmd PORT=1056

    • rachael.auch

      Thanks, this resolved it. Much appreciated. 

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