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Licensing Server Connection Issues

    • EcoCar

      My student team was sponsored a license server, but my laptop can't connect to the license server to access the key. The host has the license manager running properly and is connected to the same router as my laptop. Pings won't go between either of them from either end. Workbench works properly on the host. However, I've read some posts about something called FlexNet and I have no idea what that is. Could that be the issue? If it is I have no idea how to install that.

      Here's the error message when I try to open workbench on my laptop.

    • EcoCar

      Moved both ethernet cables to a switch instead of a router which made the host able to ping my laptop, but my laptop couldn't ping the host.

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      FlexNet is implemented in ANSYS licensing to help with license floating technology. If the license manager is up and running correctly (which seem to be the case here), you don't need to worry about this part.

      This is the issue with network communication (Note: ping doesn't test this communication) . The requirement to checkout license from the server is that the client must be able to communicate with the license server via TCP port 2325. The best tool to check this communication is called 'telnet' , you can use it in CMD Prompt with syntax like

      telnet 2325

      Note that your machine may not have telnet feature turned on. You can turn it on by typing Windows features in "Search Windows" tool box , then look for "Turns Windows features on or off" and launch this. Then, scroll down to the bottom and check "Telnet Client" > OK

      Consult with your IT for network communication issue.


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