Process Integration and Design Optimization

Process Integration and Design Optimization

Light Propagation inside brain

    • Ali Momennezhad

      Hi everyone

      I am new to ZEMAX. I have an optical fiber with a 60-degree tilted mirror tip. I want to simulate the light propagation inside the brain.

      Consider these parameters: 

      mean path: 0.086




      I am not sure I am doing it correctly as I think the tip of the fiber should be located inside the brain which here is the rectangular volume and also I don't know how exactly determine the NA of the optical fiber which should be 0.22. In addition, How can I have an optical fiber with a tilted mirror tip?


      Any help is appreciated. 

    • Ali Momennezhad

      In fact I am trying to produce a result like this:

    • Elham Sarbazi
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Ali,

      Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate the descriptions you have provided. 

      1) For adjusting the numerical aperture of the optical fiber, you can have a look at a nice discussion in the Zemax community. 

      Setting NA of the fiber in non - sequential mode | Zemax Community

      2) Regarding modeling an optical fiber with a tilted tip: for the Cylinder 2 Volume objects, you can set the tilt of the rear face of the fiber using the parameter(s) Back Angle Along X or Y.

      I suggest you to post your Zemax related questions to the Optical channel next time. To have a swift feedback, you can either post in the Zemax community or open a ticket in the Zemax support system. 

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