Light reflection on a XMP map

    • Xime54


      In order to understand Human eye sensors, I am making a simple simulation with only one source, wich is a display source. When the calculation is made, and the xmp map is displayed, I can see on it a reflected light, depending of the 3d view orientation:


      I guess this is only for display, and it has no physical signification, I am right?


    • Fabien Bastide
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Maxime,

      When you are opening the result on the xmp map, what do you see? From the info here it seems only related to how it is displayed in the direct modeling 3d environment. Do you have a screenshot of the result only?

      Kind regards,


    • Xime54

      Dear Fabien, 


      I confirm you there is no reflected light when I open the result in XMP map.



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