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Light Simulation: A way to use radiance for Ambient Sources

    • BlueSkySolarRacing

      Hi there! I running simulations for solar cells and currently I am trying to figure out whether the ambient sources such as CIE general sky or US standard atmosphere 1976 is able to be controlled using radiance. I am trying to ensure that the source used and the sensor used both have the same unit, particularly W/m2. Unfortunately, when simulating with the ambient light, it uses the luminosity unit (cd/m2), wheras with a 3D irradiance sensor, it is measured in W·sr−1. I was wondering whether there was a way to have equivalent units so we can simulate to better understand how much irradiance the solar cell will be getting at different angles of the sun. Thanks.

    • Fabien Bastide
      Ansys Employee

      Hi BlueSkySolarRacing!

      Using the Irradiance sensor, in its parameters definition, you can switch from photometric to radiometric unit for the output.



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