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Limitations Ansys Student Version

    • micmarino

      I would like to use Ansys Student Version in my lectures, assigning some projects to students. Therefore, I would like to have some details on the limitations of the Student Version in order to precisely tune the assignments in the projects. I know that there are limitations on the size of the problem (i.e., number of degrees of freedom) but I would like to know if I can assign simulations with these characteristics (in combination or individually):

      - mechanical simulation with elasto-plastic materials and / or materials that undergo damage

      - simulations controlled by APDL scripts

      - fluid-structure interaction

      - CFD with two immiscible fluids

      - CFD with two mixable fluids (dispersed multiphase models), possibly incorporating chemical reactions

    • peteroznewman

      The Student license can do all of the above with one limitation on the fluid-structure interaction (FSI).

      The Student license can only do one-way FSI. Pressure from a CFD model can be applied to a Structural model.

      System Coupling is not included in the Student license so it cannot do two-way FSI were the deformation of the structure due to the fluid pressure is fed back to the CFD model to update the flow.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      @micmarino   Just a note of your last point we have a species model for mixable fluids, or there's the mixture/Eulerian model for intermixing phases for droplet/bubble/granular flows. 

      Also remember the Student licence will need updating so you may find the version changes during an academic year. Most Universities update over the summer because of IT workload/priority constraints. 

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