Limitations on the number of components in fluent

    • 1003liu

      I am currently running a combustion simulation of the JHC,I used a reaction mechanism with 97 components,The version I used was fluent17.1,I know that the old version of fluent was limited to a maximum of 50 components,I wonder if fluent17.1 still has such restrictions.

      Because I kept making mistakes in the simulation process by fluent.

      ********** ISAT_ABORT ************** 

      routine  = phi2y                                                               

       location =            1                                                        

       message  = non-positive species sum                                            


      ****** END ISAT_ABORT  **************



      Error at Node 11: isat terminated.


       The fluent process could not be started.

      Hopefully that will work out

    • 1003liu

      ???????JHC?????,????97????????,??????????17.1,???????fluent?????50???,????????17 .1?????????


      ********** ISAT_ABORT ************** 

      ??= phi2y                                                               

       location = 1                                                        



      ******??ISAT_ABORT **************







    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I think that limitation was altered to 300 species in about R14 or so, can you update to 2019R2? 

      Also check the set up to make sure you've not added too much species somewhere (eg volume fraction >1 on a boundary). 

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