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Line body and Surface body how they work?

    • harsh13295

      Hello Everyone,

      I am using ansys 18.2 version and I am making conical spring which is line body and compressed by two surface body. When I apply force or displacement spring is passing through bottom surface plate. I have applied Bonded contacts between line body to top surface plate and another bonded contact between line body to bottom surface plate and frictionless between line body to bottom plate( surface body) . but still it is passing through each other.

      What should I do?

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee
      For each of these contacts, make sure you set the Target shell face properly to Top or bottom. Once you set this, selected side(top or bottom) is highlighted/colored. This colored face should be facing the springnFor example, image of first bonded contact shows blue color on the outside. For this contact, target shell face should be bottomnFor the second bonded contact and frictionless contact, you need to set the target shell face to bottom as well. See if this helps in establishing the contact conditionn
    • peteroznewman
      nI thought you got an answer to this question in your other discussion.n
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