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Linear Contact Error

    • Autonewbie


      I am running a modal analysis of an assembly model. All screws are modeled as rigid body and NO point mass used. I got the error message below which seems like relating to rigid body as the error message highlighted pilot node but I could not find the root cause...Any suggestion? Thank you!


       Linear contact assumption may not be valid for contact pair with a      

       pilot node.  Using the full Newton-Raphson option (NROPT,FULL) to       

       better represent this situation if desired. 

    • Autonewbie

      After I made some changes on the bonded contact... Some warning and error message are obtained below...

       *** FATAL ***                           CP =     122.594   TIME= 16:49:47

       This model requires more scratch space than available.  The program has

       currently allocated 8473 MB and was not able to allocate enough        

       additional memory in order to proceed.  Please increase the virtual    

       memory on your system and/or increase the work space memory and rerun  

       the program.  Problem terminated.   

    • peteroznewman

      The model is too big for the resources available on your computer.

      How much memory is installed on your computer?

      What is the maximum memory the motherboard supports?

      Install more memory if you can.

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