Linear Induction Motor – Transient Simulation Result Discussion

    • MikeThamm

      Dear All,

      I am working on a simulation of a 3D Maxwell linear induction motor. I have uploaded the model from the folder path: DrawUserDefinedPrimitiveRMxprtLinearMCore. I set up the parameters of the LIM and began to set up my terminals and windings:

      Red = PhaseA, Blue = PhaseB, Green = PhaseC

      All my variables are as follows:

      The coils are 3 phase and include 3 poles. They are as follows: (Red = PhaseA, Blue = PhaseB, Green = PhaseC). 

      I have assigned each winding a sinusoidal current of:  Iline*cos(2*Pi*freq_elec*Time), where the other 2 phases are shifted by 120 degrees. This is validated in a plot I made for the current input. 

      Using this knowledge I selected the aluminum plate object and assigned the excitation 'Set Eddy Effects'. I then assigned a mesh operation - Inside Selection - Length Based. I then set boundary to each coil of type: 'Insulating'. Next a motion of 400kph was assigned to the band which works without error. I then assign a Parameter of type: 'Force' on both the aluminum plate and the entire LIM. Next a solution was set up of type: Magnetic - Transient. The design was validated and simulated with no error. I have animated the B field vectors in all significant objects and they provide promising results visually.

      The problem I am encountering is in my results:

      The first plot is the force on the aluminum plate while the second picture is the force on the LIM. The Purple line is the normal (levitation) force in the z direction which has a very abnormal characteristic. The Red line is the thrust force in the x direction which is almost 0 Newtons.


      Please consider my situation and I will appreciate any feedback. Thanks! 



    • MikeThamm

      There is a character limit that I reached in my discussion. Here is what I left out: 

      After 3rd picture - I then created a box around all my motor objects and put that inside my motion band which is then put inside a simulation region. This works and I am able to run my transient simulation without error. I have then created an object for my aluminum plate which I want the LIM to move across its surface. In case you may not understand the theory of LIM, it works on the principle of induced eddy currents formed in the aluminum plate. The sum of the eddy current's magnetic field (in the affected area) will repel the magnetic field generated by the current carrying coils.

    • MikeThamm

      I have some possible sources for error:

      I know you can assign an external circuit to the object you are trying to study eddy effect on. I don't know how I would implement this or how I could fix it.

      Another possibility is that the values are too low to produce enough magnetic field to produce a good force output (I highly doubt this)

      Another possibility is that the values or my design is flawed which is a possibility but I have not been able to find a mistake.

      Another possibility is that Ansys Maxwell is not realizing that the two magnetic fields created should repel each other. This could be due to my lack of knowledge on how to activate this parameter.


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